The Jordan and Lebanon Construction Tracker is a project, supported by Ford Foundation, that tracks the ongoing awarding of construction contracts in the Jordan and Lebanon region.

The Tracker is a resource for companies, investors, international organizations, and civil society interested in mapping ongoing construction projects in Jordan and Lebanon. The Tracker is designed to promote knowledge-sharing and transparency through a consolidated and accessible database. By identifying the companies and sectors that are likely to employ migrant and refugee workers, as well as sources of project financing, the Tracker offers comprehensive insights for researchers and advocates working on migrant and refugee labour in the construction sector.

The Tracker covers a range of projects, including water supply and sanitation, power and renewable energy, roadworks, and hospitality. For more information on the data collection process, see our latest analysis or refer to the Data section.

Latest Analysis

Delve deeper into the data to capture trends and patterns in the awarding of construction contracts in the region and consider what this means for migrant workers and refugees carrying out the building on these projects.

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Download the data

Download the full data set as a CSV file to open and further analyse in Excel.