The Jordan and Lebanon Construction Tracker was borne of a shared need for publicly available, comprehensive and up-to-date data on the region’s construction industry.  The tracker captures most publicly reported contract awards in the region that meet our conditions for inclusion and we will continue to optimise our search criteria to capture the highest possible share of contracts. Due to the existence of contract awards that are not publicly reported, and to the limited scope of this tracker, it is important to note that any inferences related to trends and patterns on this website refer solely to the tracker dataset and do not represent the whole universe of construction awards in the region. To report any errors in the data or to submit additional information on projects and contract awards, please refer to the Contact section. The data in the tracker is collected from publicly available sources of information on contract awards.

The data collection process relies on the following sources:

  • Procurement pages on development agency websites
  • Projects pages on company websites
  • Local Arabic and English media outlets, especially business publications 

These sources are also supplemented by online search results for contract awards in Jordan and Lebanon. Information extracted from these sources is entered into a spreadsheet which is available for download below. Each entry on the Tracker maps the date of the reported contract announcement; the company awarded the contract and where it is headquartered; the type of contract; the project type (e.g. water and wastewater infrastructure, power and renewable energy, property and tourism, etc.); the clients; the reported value of the contract award or project in USD; and the source of project financing.   

Latest Analysis

Delve deeper into the data to capture trends and patterns in the awarding of construction contracts in the region and consider what this means for migrant workers and refugees carrying out the building on these projects.

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Download the data

Download the full data set as a CSV file to open and further analyse in Excel.