Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has produced the Transition Minerals Tracker since 2019, with support from The 11th Hour Project and Ford Foundation. The Tracker investigates mining operations of minerals used in renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles worldwide.


This tracker seeks to improve the human rights practices of companies that produce the minerals vital to the renewable energy and electric vehicles sectors, by shedding light on the key human rights risks in the geographies where they operate, and the human rights policies and practices of the most important companies in this sub-sector.

To this end, users can:

  1. Understand who the biggest producers of six key minerals needed for the low-carbon transition are, and where they operate;
  2. Explore the key human rights risks related to mining of these particular minerals, including key reports by partner organizations shedding light on egregious abuses;
  3. Identify whether these companies have human rights policies in place;
  4. Track hotspots where these companies have had human rights allegations raised against them, and what those allegations were.

For more information on how the data was collected, please see here. For further reading on the issues surrounding Transition Minerals, check out these further resources.