The Transition Minerals Tracker contains data relating to companies mining six minerals that are key to the production of solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and electric vehicle batteries.

Below is an overview of our methodology. The full methodology can be downloaded here. The data is available for download at the bottom of the page.

The Transition Minerals Tracker (Tracker) captures publicly reported allegations of environmental and human rights abuses against companies mining one or more of the following six minerals: cobalt, copper, lithium, manganese, nickel and zinc.

These minerals were selected due to their expected increase in demand due to the renewable energy and electric vehicle sectors. In this iteration of the Tracker we changed our data collection from the top five producers of these minerals, and broadened it to include companies that contribute a majority market share of production in that commodity.

The Tracker includes allegations arising from 2010 to 2020 and is updated on a bi-annual basis.

Allegations are primarily collected through reporting on Business & Human Rights Resource Centre's website, which catalogues allegations in articles from international and local media outlets in all 10 languages of the Resource Centre website, as well as NGO reports and lawsuits filed against the companies. The Tracker captures allegations predominantly reported in English, Spanish and French, mainly due to the regional focus in our company selection process and organisational resource capacity. One allegation may include multiple human rights impacts.

Only publicly reported allegations of specific incidents or civil society actions against companies are captured. Information on general trends of abuse that cannot be tied specifically to one of the tracked companies’ operations is not included. For example, reports on general trends within the mining sector that do not provide specific instances of abuse against a named company are not in the Tracker.

In line with the Resource Centre’s broader strategy and libel policy, we make every effort to reach out to companies accused of abuse for their response to allegations made using our Company Response Mechanism, unless the company has already publicly commented on the case or if the abuse is the basis of a lawsuit or regulatory action.

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre does not independently verify the accuracy of the allegations. When relevant and possible, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre uses the Company Response Mechanism (see above) to seek responses from companies implicated in the commission of the alleged abuses. Similarly, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre does not verify the accuracy of corporate statements on actions taken to respond.

Global Data Analysis

February 2021

Learn more about the main issues identified in the global allegations recorded on the Transition Minerals Tracker, and how growing demand for these minerals could exacerbate existing environmental and social issues.

May 2020

Learn more about the main concerns raised in the allegations recorded on the Transition Minerals Tracker, and statistics for each mineral tracked.

August 2019

Learn more about the main concerns raised in the allegations recorded on the Transition Minerals Tracker, and how growing demand could exacerbate existing issues.

Download the Data

Download the full Transition Minerals Tracker data set as a CSV file to open and further analyse in Excel.

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